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Hussain Lootah & Associates Expands Moving to New Location

Current and Future Legal Concerns Explained by UAE Law Firm Hussain Lootah & Associates Associated Sectors Include Construction, Renewable Energy and Cybercrime

The construction industry in the Middle East, specifically the UAE had witnessed a triumphant rise followed by a noticeable cease. According to a recent report published by Citigroup, the construction industry as a whole is very promising with the value of GCC projects planned and underway is worth US$1,906 billion. The significantly high amount of money that will be spent on the construction sector will increase the importance of legal services and consultation in this sector.

Mr. Ahmed Hussain Lootah, Vice Chairman, Hussain Lootah & Associates, said: “Companies operating in the construction sector are faced with substantial complex challenges every day. It is not uncommon that due to its complexity, certain legal matters are often overlooked. We highly recommend that these companies pursue sound legal advice right from the beginning to avoid or minimize the hassles of trying to fix problems that may arise later on.”

Addressing the future, Mr. Lootah said: “The renewable energy sector is considered to be new in our region - since sources of renewable energy are both eco-friendly and financially profitable, we believe legal services will be in high demand for this growing sector.”

Additionally, Mr. Lootah also opined that changes might be made to evidence law, taking into account, in particular, that a lot of business transactions are carried out online, making digital evidence of significant relevance.

He further continued: “Rapid progress being made by the digital world also incite an increase in social media issues, plagiarism cases, cyber crimes and more.”

Having established a strong presence in the legal landscape of the region over the past 15 years, Mr. Lootah stated that the future of legal services in the UAE would lead to a gradual transition into the cyber world. He said: “We might see the legal system evolving and progressing towards e-litigation in the future.”

In the wake of anticipated increase in cyber crime and general move towards e-litigation, Hussain Lootah & Associates are readying themselves by recruiting tech-savvy Emirati lawyers, placing more emphasis on recent graduates.

Emiratis that have recently graduated or will soon graduate with degrees in law are the ideal candidates to prepare for a future in legal issues of the cyber world as they have grown and evolved with technology. Investing in these individuals will prove to be beneficial to Hussain Lootah & Associates as well as the legal industry as a whole in the GCC region.

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