HLA Lawyers

Mr. Majid Asad Alameeri

Partner & Head of Litigation

Email : majid@hlootahlaw.com

Majid Asad Alameeri graduated from Sharjah University, UAE with a degree in law. At HL&A, he combines his experience with in-depth knowledge of complex legal matters relating to the relevant areas of UAE law, specialising in litigation, criminal law, and real estate law.

Mr. Alameeri joined HL&A in 2007, where he demonstrated a sound understanding of clients’ vastly varied needs, as well as the ability to provide expert advice on contentious matters. Though he took a brief period to pursue other endeavours, Mr. Alameeri rejoined HL&A in 2015 where his excellent analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills are essential in providing clients with comprehensive advice and the optimal level of legal counsel in the dynamic environment of the UAE legal system.

Mr. Alameeri also served as Lawyer at Habib Al Mulla for 6 years.

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