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Established in 1997, HL&A is a leading legal consultancy and advocacy firm for the UAE, providing expert legal services to public sector entities, individuals, and private enterprises. HL&A’s extensive regional experience and knowledge of local, national, and international laws supports a wide range of clients from various industries, including real estate, construction and engineering, finance and banking, mergers and acquisitions, hospitality, media, maritime and transport, oil and gas and others.

The firm’s commitment to excellent legal services for all clients means each highly trained and committed legal professional excel in their respective specialties. HL&A’s highly qualified team includes arbitrators, partners and legal consultants with decades of practical experience in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Our team can communicate in Arabic, English, French and Farsi and has accredited local advocates with full rights of audience before all UAE courts.

To better serve our clients, we have partnered with well-respected firms around the world to provide exceptional legal services and client service from any corner of the globe.

Experienced Leadership

Chairman's Message

Welcome to HL&A, a client-focused legal consultancy. When we set out in 1997, little did we know the dynamism and economic growth we would have the privilege to witness in the United Arab Emirates. Nor did we think rapidly evolving regulations, legal frameworks and court systems would result in such high demand for legal expertise that can keep pace with changes in the macro environment.

As the UAE has charted a path towards becoming a global destination; one informed by a multiplicity of legal structures, and attracting talent from all parts of the world, HL&A is proud to have played a part in this story.
Over the years, we have emerged as a staunch defender of individual rights, as well as those of corporations, institutions and even regulators. Our role is to stay at the very apex of expertise and knowledge, helping to reinforce and make transparent the ecosystems and economic sectors that are powering the UAE’s success.

Today, we are proud to say that HL&A has emerged as a legal partner of choice when advice is sought, disputes need resolution, or matters are taken to the court of law. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary practice where specialised teams stay at the forefront of legal developments. Meanwhile, our ability to argue in native Arabic, and our full rights of audience within the UAE legal system, allow us to defend our clients’ interests without requiring intermediaries. Transparency, honesty, integrity, teamwork and an ethos of service are just some for the values that we hold to heart as we conduct our business.

As of one of the UAE’s established legal practices, we don’t just safeguard the rights and interests of our clients, we are also committed to showcasing the capabilities of the UAE legal system in offering fair, equitable and transparent outcomes – all while promoting an environment where businesses, corporations and individuals feel secure.

Hussain Lootah


About Us

Governed by Purpose

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to further national prosperity by representing and catalysing a safe, fair, equitable and transparent legal system that protects the interests of individuals, businesses and corporations.

Our Mission is to be client-centric in our approach, empathetic and approachable, knowledgeable in the areas that we conduct ourselves, and consistently capable of creating work of the highest quality in safeguarding client interests.

Core Values Matter

Our Beliefs

  • Integrity: We act with integrity and uphold a code of conduct where transparency, honesty, and ethical behaviour come first.
  • Diligence: Our clients’ interests are at the heart of our business, and we owe them excellence in all our services. We invest in our knowledge and stay abreast of regulatory and legislative developments.
  • Professionalism: We combine determination with expert advice and ethical channels of action while relying on legal knowledge, factual research, practical expertise, insights and intuition to safeguard clients’ interests.
  • Teamwork: We believe we have a commitment to our community and the legal profession and quality teamwork benefits our firm, team members and clients.