Covid-19: NEW Regulations – Private Sector Employer-Employee relations

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Private sector companies permitted to have staff work remotely, reduce salary, grant leave during the coronavirus pandemic period.


On the 26th of March, 2020 His Excellency the Minister of Human resources and Emiratization issued the Ministerial Resolution No. 279 for the year 2020 in relation to the stabilization of the manpower in private sector establishments during the period of the application of the preventive measures to control the outbreak of Covid-19 virus.

The resolution offers various possible solutions to help both parties of the emolument relation to overcome the current situation with minimum losses and damages and to ensure the continuity of business and consequently to ease the pandemic impact on the economic situation.

Article 2 of the resolution enables the business establishments to agree with the employee to:

1. Apply the remote work system
2. Grant a paid leave
3. Grant an unpaid leave
4. Reduce the salary on a temporary basis
5. Reduce the salary permanently

Article 3 of the resolution entitles the business establishments affected by the preventive measures to control the outbreak of Covid-19 virus and which has a surplus manpower to register their information on the virtual employment platform without paying the salary and will only be liable for the housing and all other entitlements

The resolution requires that any of the business establishments, which desire to implement the measures stated in the resolution, to comply with some conditions and procedures.

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