Long-term UAE residency visas for expatriates in five new job categories announced

Abu Dhabi: The long-term residency visas for expatriates from five select categories has come into force, permitting them to stay in the UAE for up to 10 years, a top official of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced in the capital Wednesday.

Announcing details at a media briefing at the General Identity Directorate in Khalifa City of Abu Dhabi, Major-General Saeed Rakan Al Rashedi, Director-General for Foreigners Affairs and Ports, said, “Today we announce the launch of new services in the field of residency, implementing the UAE Cabinet Decision No. 56 for the year 2018. It grants long-term stay in the country to investors, real estate investors, entrepreneurs, talented people like doctors, researchers, innovators and outstanding students.”

“The UAE leadership makes all-out efforts for the development of the country, provides peaceful living for all and facilitates residency visas to residents and expatriates from different walks of life and professional backgrounds who wish to stay in the country,” he said.

Applicants under all these five categories — including outstanding students — will be granted a renewable residency visa and will be permitted to sponsor their spouses and children.

The visa benefits for the spouse and children is to ensure a cohesive family and social structure and to create a stimulating environment for stability and growth, officials said.

These categories include general investors who will be granted a 10-year visa, real estate investors, who can get a visa for five years, along with entrepreneurs and talented professionals such as doctors, researchers and innovators 10 years.

The fifth category — outstanding students — will also be permitted residency visas for five years. All categories of visas can be renewed upon expiry.

Expats can apply under investors category, once they qualify during their stay.

Maj Gen Al Rashedi said the measures will attract highly skilled expats and investors from around the world to make the UAE a centre for knowledge and global investment. The decision aims to maintain the position of the UAE as an optimal business environment.