The Dubai RDC’s advice for tenants and Landlords

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The Real Estate Market in Dubai plays a major role in the local economy, a large market as such requires a Legal Authority to regulate transactions and resolve any issue or dispute that may arise among tenants and Landlords.

Thus, the Dubai Rental Dispute Center was founded in 2013 to represent a judicial system for rent dispute resolution as it sets quick and simple procedures to achieve the social and economic stability for both tenants and landlords.

Over the past few years, this Center has been proactively providing the stakeholders (Tenants & Landlords) with continuous support and precautionary advices, to increase their overall legal knowledge and awareness, which in turn helps them avoid potential disputes.

In addition, as the legal arm of the Dubai Land Department, the Rental Dispute Center is proactively responding to the requirements of the fast-changing market, which requires flexible plans, procedures and new methods defined with speed, accuracy and transparency to deal with Dubai’s fast evolving real estate market matters.
As part of the ongoing initiatives of the Dubai Rental Disputes Center, it announced a set of advices to remind all the concerned parties about the most important elements in contracts with a focus on the main clauses that may lead to conflicts.

It also encouraged tenants specifically to increase their consciousness and legal knowledge in real estate and read their contracts thoroughly before signing them.

Advices for Tenants

The four key advices for tenants given by the Dubai Rent Dispute Resolution Center are as per the following:

1- The issued judgement of the initial stage may be appealed within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of the notification of the judgement.
2- The tenant must avoid eviction by paying in time and complying with the terms of the contract.
3- The tenant is not entitled to sub-rent the property without prior written consent from the landlord.
4- The rent contractual parties can register their cases at the designated centers approved by the Dubai Land Department.

Advices for Landlords

On the other hand, and as per the latest amendment of the civil procedures law, below are some advices for the landlords specifically:

1. The landlord may claim any outstanding rent amount by filing an urgent case (Performance Order) against the tenant before the Dubai Rental Dispute Center.
2. The Judge may issue a judgment on the Performance order within 24 hours,
3. and the judgment could be submitted to Dubai RDC execution department for collection.
4. The landlord, and based on the judgment, may request from the Judge to issue a travel ban and to arrest the tenant in case of no payment.

Accordingly, the supportive mission of the Dubai Rental Dispute Center and its proactive approach in maximizing efficiency and transparency in the rental relationships between tenants and landlords, has a major positive impact on achieving the country’s objectives in terms of the real estate industry overall.

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